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A boiler service is a visit from a gas safe engineer – usually once a year – where your boiler and heating system is checked to make sure it is running safely and at its most efficient. The engineer will do a visual check of the components inside and outside of the boiler, clean any parts necessary, ensure there are no harmful gasses escaping through leaks, tightness test on surrounding pipework and test for safety and proper ventilation.



  • Ensures your boiler is running at its most efficient! If your boiler isn’t operating properly it could be having a negative effect your energy bills.  

  • Protects the warranty on your boiler as most new boilers warrantees are usually only valid if there is evidence of full annual service history.

  • Can discover small faults preventing them becoming expensive repairs! Small problems that are detected and repaired early can avoid the complete breakdown of a heating system.

  • Most importantly, keep you and your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning that sometimes is not detected until it is too late. A simple boiler service can prevent the harmful gas leaks. It is also recommended that you have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted in your home.

  • Legal requirement for landlords. landlords are under legal obligation to have a yearly Gas Safety check and certificate on all rental properties.

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